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Low E Films, Insulated, Replacement Double Pane Windows - Buyers Tips - USA

New "Low-E" Films Upgrade Existing Windows

(ARA) - Since the mid 1980's, many people have attempted to improve the primary source of sun control problems in their homes: their windows. Traditional upgrade treatments include the expensive and time-consuming process of adding either interior or exterior storm pane windows to improve insulation. Even more costly is to fully replace existing windows. Although you might wish you could replace all your windows every time a new window technology comes around, there is a better, more affordable option that homeowners can apply themselves. 

Click here to seeThe same technology of using advanced metals and alloys to make Low-E windows is used today by several companies to make "Low-E" window films that consumers apply to the inside surface of their existing windows, whether single- or dual-pane. Available at most large home centers nationwide, like Home Depot and Lowes, is the GILA brand of sun control window films, featuring three types of Low-E films, depending on the desired color/effectiveness. 

The GILA Low-E Ultra film has a rich Platinum color and reflects almost 70% of your interior radiant heat back inside to improve your winter insulation. It will also help you next summer, by reflecting over 65% of the sun's heat outside. This film offers year-round insulation for improved personal comfort and reduced utility bills. The GILA Low-E Light Gray and Light Bronze films reflect 55% of winter heating inside and 50% of summer heat outside and feature an extremely light appearance. If improved insulation is critical, use the Low-E Ultra. If virtually invisible appearance is more important, use the Low-E Light.

These Low-E films dramatically improve the insulation of existing windows at a retail cost of less than $1 a square foot. Compare that to the cost of tossing out your existing windows and buying new ones at an average of $25-30 per square foot installed. The films have an average payback of 6-8 months, compared to years for new windows.

One of the greatest values of GILA Low-E films is their ability to substantially reduce damaging UV rays from the sun, which is more direct during the shorter days of fall and winter. Whatever the sun can see will fade because of the sun's heat, light, and UV-A and UV-B rays. Fortunately, most windows stop about 95% of UV-B rays, which usually cause quick surface burns (like skin sunburns) and color bleaching. However, glass -- even dual-pane windows -- does not stop UV-A, which causes the most severe long-term destruction of drapes, carpets, wood furniture, and painted surfaces. UV-A rays break down the molecular structure of what they hit over months and years. Next time you look at a faded painting, wallpaper, carpet, or a sofa, you will see what UV-A does. GILA Low-E films reduce 99% of both UV-B and UV-A rays to give homeowners maximum fade protection. 

Applying window film is easier than ever before. The GILA brand films feature a special "non-sticky" or detakied dry adhesive that only begins bonding AFTER you apply it to the glass and allow it to sit for a few hours. The tools needed are in most homes: a spray bottle, a utility knife with breakaway blades, a rubber squeegee, and a handful of absorbent toweling. 

The steps are quite simple. Clean the window thoroughly. Remove the protective backing from the back of the film. Spray a soapy solution -- the factory recommends using its Film Aid concentrate added to a quart of distilled water -- onto the back of the film, align and apply it to the window. Spray the top side of the film, squeegee the film to remove the water from underneath, then trim the sides. In about 20 minutes, from beginning to end, one person can apply film to a standard 36" x 36" window. 

Low-E films use advanced metal depositions to insure that the film last for an average of 10-12 years. Removal is easy using the biodegradable GILA Film Remover spray, also sold at most home centers in convenient spray bottles.

GILA offers free samples of its Low-E films to homeowners who visit their Web site at www.gilafilms.com. Complete product information and a list of all participating retailers is listed.

Courtesy of ARA Content, www.aracontent.com, e-mail: info@aracontent.com.

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