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Home Security Systems / Alarm equipment

High Security window and doors with improved strength and locks it a must nowadays, but to increase the security of your home, you can also consider a home security burglar alarm.

Information on burglaries and types of alarms:

The average burglary in the UK takes 5.6 minutes to perpetrate, hardly surprising when you think about it; the burglar wants to be in and out as fast as they can.

In the UK there are three main types of alarm systems; bells only, police response and Keyholder monitored.

Bells Only

Are the most popular but the least effective; all that happens is should the alarm be triggered is a bell or siren goes off. Recent changes to legislation now prevents bells only alarms from sounding for more than 15 minutes and the local council can levy heave fines for noise pollution should they sound for longer.

Police Response

Police response alarms are becoming less popular as it has been found that the police can rarely attend in a meaningful timeframe. All UK based monitoring stations have 3 minutes to verify if an activation has been accidental or not, over 98% of them are. These 3 minutes also includes calling the Keyholders and asking them to attend. Lastly the monitoring station calls the police. The Police respond to calls from monitoring stations in different ways depending on the Police region you live in. But as an average the Police target to respond to calls from monitoring stations within 1 hour and only if resources are available

Keyholder Response

Keyholder monitored security is by far the most practical form of electronic security available today. Your Monitored Haus Security & Care system is connected to the monitoring station via your telephone line, if activated it send a signal to the monitoring station who contact your home within seconds. If no answer or an incorrect answer is given to the security questions then we call your Keyholders. Any would be burglar has no idea if your Keyholder lives next door or across the road. This means that as far as they’re concerned someone could be on the spot in seconds. Clearly this is not always the case and we would never ask someone to go into a potentially risky situation but the burglar doesn’t know this and therefore moves onto a softer target.

Standard Configuration of home security alarm

MonitoredHaus Security & Care Systems standard configuration provides everything needed to secure the average home in accordance with EN50131 Grade 2; in some cases additional sensors may be required but this is only in a small percentage of homes.

The Standard configuration incorporates the following equipment:

  • 1 x Control panel
  • 1 x Remote Key Pad
  • 1 x Radio Receiver
  • 1 x Wire free Door Contact
  • 3 x Passive Infrared Detectors
  • 4 x Proximity Keyfobs
  • 1 x External Dummy Bell Box
  • 1 X Internal Sounder

Alarms Home security systems

Information on the Alarm Equipment

Outside you home

Most burglaries are unplanned and committed by opportunists that are after easy takings from soft targets.

All MonitoredHaus installations benefit from an attractive low profile dummy bell box which is fixed in clear view to the outside of your house to show that your home is secured and not an east target. Alarm stickers

We provide you with a monitored alarm disc for you to display inside your front door or window that states that your security system is maintained, active and monitored.


Alarm disk
We also provide you with a number of window stickers that can be placed inside other ground floor windows to show that you have professionally installed security. Alarm stickers

Inside your home

About one third of alarm systems don’t get used regularly as their owners find them to be too fiddly for this reason we have designed the MonitoredHaus Security & Care System to be as easy to use as possible.

Home Burglar AlarmsHouse Alarms systemsThe Remote Key Pad (RKP) is the part of your alarm that allows you to operate your alarm system. With the flap open you have access to the key pad which allows you to use your four digit pin number to set, un-set or part the system.

To make the system as easy to use as possible we provide 4 special Keyfobs with each installation; each fob has an electronic chip inside which, like a key, will only work on your system. To operate the system simply hold your fob to the window on the RKP and the system will set or un-set depending on its condition; if you want to part set the system simply hold your fob to the window as usual and because you don’t open your entry exit door the alarm will part set the system.

Keyfob Alarm SystemYou can also use a Four Button Keyfob with the MonitoredHaus; this has Set and Un-set buttons as well as 2 further programmable buttons which can be programmed up to part set the alarm and give a panic attack activator. These units are not included in the standard configuration but can be ordered from the installer on the day of installation.

The Detection Sensors

Passive Infrared DetectorsPassive Infrared Detectors (PIRs) are installed in the corner of your rooms to give the best security cover. PIRs detect movement and heat sending a warning signal to the control panel; when the alarm is set this will activate the siren and call the monitoring station.

House securityIf you have pets we will supply special pet immune PIRs in the place of standard units at no additional cost to you. Pet immune PIRs will ignore pets of up to 36kg (80lbs) at ground level.

Door Contacts are magnetically operated switches that will detect the opening of any door or window they are fitted to.

We fit a Door Contact to your normal entry exit door and when the alarm is set you will hear a beeping to remind you to unset the alarm as you enter

The fact that these detection devises are wire free makes them ideal for securing out-buildings, sheds or even caravans that are kept within 150 metres (480 feet) of your home. Additional Sensors can be purchased from the installing Engineer on the day of installation.

Protect your car Protect your shed Protect your caravan

The components not on view

The MonitoredHaus security & Care System has a variety of components that don’t need to be accessible, our engineers do their utmost to fit these in cupboards or under the stairs out of sight.

MonitoredHaus security & Care SystemThe control panel contains the systems processor, back-up battery and communications modules. This solid state unit is hardwired to the mains supply, your telephone line, the sounder, radio receiver and to the Remote Key Pad.

Alarm Radio ReceiverThe Radio Receiver is connected directly to the Control Panel; it receives signals and data from all of the sensors attached to your system as well as receiving activation signals from the care pendant; set, un-set and part-set instructions from the 4 button fobs that are available with the MonitoredHaus Security & Care System range.

Internal SounderThis 103db Internal Sounder is discretely installed in your home in a cupboard or under the stairs. When activated the siren continues for a maximum of 15 minutes. The unit is powered from the mains via the Control Panel but will automatically switch to the systems battery back-up in cases of power failure.





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